Anti Malarial

One of the kinds of quality pharma products that we manufacture is anti malarial medications like tablets, drugs, capsules and Syrups are particularly developed to prevent or even cure malaria. Such health care drugs that are utilized for prophylaxis, prevention as well as treatment of malaria include Quin EC tablet, Quin 500 EC tablet, Quin suspension, FALQ-300 EC tablet, Quinther injection and Fal-Q suspension.

  • QUIN EC Tablet Chloroquin Phosphate 250mg

    Package : 20x10

  • QUIN 500 EC Tablet Chloroquin Phosphate 500mg

    Package : 10x10

  • QUIN Suspension (Bitterlesss) Chloroquin Phosphate 80mg

    Package : 60 ml

  • FALQ-300 EC Tablet Quinine Sulphate 300mg

    Package : 10x10

  • FAL-Q Suspension Quinine Sulphate 150mg

    Package : 60 ml

  • QUINTHER -LF Tablet Artemether 80mg Lumefantrine 480mg

    Package : 1x6

  • QUINTHER Inj α - ß Arteether 150mg

    Package : 2 ml