Que Pharma is also manufacturing of veterinary pharma products and medicine for animal healthcare including fertihit (vet) tablet, IQ Bolus, IQ MD tablet (mouth dissolving), IQ Injection, Mex-P Bolus, Q-Anzol Bolus, Q-Mezyl F Bolus and Q-Nalgin Bolus in India.

  • FERTIHIT (VET) Tablet Clomiphene Citrate 300mg

    Package : 1x5

  • IQ MD Tablet (Mouth Dissloving) Ivermectin 10mg

    Package : 5x5

  • IQ BOLUS Ivermectin 80mg

    Package : 10x1

  • IQ Inj Ivermectin 10ml

    Package : 1x10ml

  • MEX BOLUS Meloxicam 100mg

    Package : 10x4

  • MEX Inj Meloxicam 5mg

    Package : 1x100ml

  • MEX – P BOLUS Meloxicam 100mg Paracetamol 1500mg

    Package : 10x4

  • Q-ANZOL BOLUS Albendazole 1500mg

    Package : 5x3

  • Q-MEZYL F BOLUS Metronidazole 1000mg Furazolidone 200mg

    Package : 10x4

  • Q-MEZYL PLUS BOLUS Metronidazole 1000mg Furazolidone 500mg Loperamide 7.5 mg

    Package : 10x4

  • Q-DIMIN BOLUS Sulphadimidine 5000mg

    Package : 10x2

  • Q-NALGIN BOLUS Nimesulide 400mg Paracetamol 1500mg

    Package : 5x3